Sony to Appease Anger over “Clean” Film Initiative By Offering R-Rated Edits of Family Titles

Sony Pictures has responded to a hail of criticism over its ‘Clean Version’ initiative that will offer sanitized editions of its films by giving online consumers the opportunity to download R-rated versions of its family-friendly library.

The ‘Give a Fuck’ plan, announced Wednesday, will see popular film franchises such as The Smurfs, Hotel Transylvania and Stuart Little re-edited to include “a shit load of swearing and lewd behaviour,” with many of the actors and voice talents brought back into the studio to record extra scenes.

According to Sony’s home entertainment group, the plan will launch with a few key titles and will see edits including Papa Smurf launching a “four-minute, four-letter tirade of obscenities” in a newly extended scene with Smurfette from recent release Smurfs: The Lost Village, and an additional 20-minutes added to Angry Birds: The Movie in which the key characters engage in a fight with the green pigs that involves “an inordinate amount of avian defecation and masturbation-based humour.”

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