Vatican Opening LA Office to Meet Demand of A-List Papal Visit Requests

The Vatican is set to open a dedicated office in Beverly Hills to cope with the rising number of Hollywood stars requesting audiences with Pope Francis.

Monday’s announcement comes amid a wave of A-list Papal visits, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese and Chevy Chase having recently journeyed to Italy to meet with the leader of the Catholic Church.

Once fully operational in the summer, the Vatican’s LA outpost will fast-track applications while also offering quicker and more affordable options, such live video linkups, for filmmakers on tighter constraints. Pope Francis himself is expected to drop by the facility to conduct back-to-back celebrity meet and greets when not in the Vatican City.

“Given the current backlog of Hollywood names hoping to meet Francis and with an audience increasingly becoming an essential pit-stop in any film’s marketing campaign, opening up an LA office was a no-brainer,” said a source at the Vatican, adding that they expected to welcome “up to 50 Pope visits” a day.

“Sadly we can’t actually charge them for the audience because of some holy scripture or something, but we’re planning to sting them with the extortionate coffee prices in the cafe and in the gift shop afterwards.”

‘Girls’ Spinoff ‘Boys’ Lands HBO Pilot Order


With its hit comedy series Girls set to draw to a close at the end of season six, HBO has begun exploring the possibility of expanding the hugely successful universe created by Lena Dunham.

The Hollywood Beagle has learned that network has handed out a pilot order to spin-off Boys, which is understood to be coming from an entirely different creative team.

“For too long men have been left on the sidelines of TV, forced to scrap over weak storylines and under-developed characters as women took center stage over and over again. It’s about time that we had a show focused on men that examined their day-to-day concerns in a realistic and non-patronising way,” said Boys writer and showrunner Milo Yiannopoulos.

Disney to Open ‘Gary From Chicago’ Rides Across U.S. Theme Parks

garyfromchicagoWalt Disney Parks and Resorts this morning revealed the latest addition to its theme parks across the U.S.

Speaking at a press conference at Walt Disney World in Florida, CEO Bob Iger announced the first details of the ‘Gary from Chicago’ attraction, which he said would be an “emotional rollercoaster ride” that would offer guests unparalleled levels of thrills.

“It’ll basically be like riding a bus to the Oscars. But the bus doesn’t actually go anywhere,” he said. “And there’s an animatronic Jimmy Kimmel and Denzel Washington at the end.”

IMDb Adopts JVDB Rating to Highlight Films Starring James Van Der Beek

JVDBThe Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has adopted the growing JVDB-rating, a classification system designed to highlight films and TV projects starring James Van Der Beek.

Since it was created two years ago, the JVDB-rating has been picked up by numerous film festivals and cinemas across the U.S. in a bid to showcase films featuring the former Dawson’s Creek star.

The move by IMDb now means that the website’s individual pages of Van Der Beek titles – including the likes of Varsity Blues, Standing Still, Final Draft and Formosa Betrayed – all come with the JVDB tag.

“It’s great that you can now use IMDb to browse shows and films starring James,” said Julie Welpsy, creator of the rating. “But I truly hope that we can soon reach a point where the JVDB-rating will become redundant as more stories we see on screen are told by and about James Van Der Beek.”

Russia Orders Compulsory ‘Predator’ Screenings for Anyone Watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’

PredatorAnybody watching Beauty and the Beast in Russia will be forced to sit through a compulsory screening of Predator immediately afterwards.

The ruling was announced this morning from the office of president Vladimir Putin, known to be an admirer of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 action classic, and is widely believed to be a direct response to the addition of a gay character in Disney’s live-action film.

“With his bulging biceps, heavy weapon assembly skills and exceptional no-holds-barred manliness, Major Dutch Schaefer is the perfect antidote to the relentless tirade of hyper-liberal propaganda the West is attempting to infiltrate into our glorious nation,” said a spokesperson.

The news comes just a day after Russia Today reported that the Russian Ministry for Education and Science was mulling making weekly screenings of Predator compulsory for schoolchildren.

“Our country needs to know, if it bleeds we can kill it,” added the spokesperson.

Netflix Reveals All Original Series Exist in Same Universe

OITNBNetflix’s entire line-up of original series exist in the same universe.

Chief content officer Ted Sarandos made the shock announcement this morning while speaking on a panel discussion in Shanghai, adding that there were plans to cross-pollinate characters across the SVOD giant’s various shows.

“It doesn’t much take much imagination to see how the likes of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The OA, The Get Down, Narcos, The Crown, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and to a lesser extent, Daredevil and Sense8 could all exist simultaneously in the same world,” he told the audience at the annual TV Shanghai Connect conference.

“This was our vision when we began Netflix’s strategy of original programming, with the eventual aim of seeing our most beloved characters used across different shows.”

Although Sarandas claimed he was just “bouncing around some ideas,” he offered the audience a few suggestions for future cross-pollinated storylines.

“I can envisage Claire Underwood becoming a dominant figure in Litchfield Penitentiary should her spell in the White House be cut short, or perhaps Eleven adding some telekinetic spark to the House of Windsor,” he said. “And I’d love to see Kimmy’s housemate Titus Andromedon take a break from New York to become a Colombian drug lord.”

Oscars Bathroom Attendant Finally Breaks Silence on Best Picture Disaster

la-la-land-moonlight-oscar-mixupA week on from the biggest Academy Awards mistake in history, and the stories of the backstage chaos after the wrong envelope was handed to Warren Beatty are still being told.

Speaking exclusively to Treatment: Hollywood, the attendant at the Dolby Theater men’s restoom has now finally broken his silence on the explosive behind-the-scenes mayhem.

“I didn’t really know what was going on as I was in the bathroom at the time so couldn’t hear anything,” said Benjamin D’Souza. “Then this guy came in to use the urinal and told me and I was, like, ‘wow, that’s crazy.’”

“At Least” Three More Skarsgards Discovered in Sweden

skarsgardsHollywood casting directors have praised news of a discovery of “at least” three more Skarsgards in central Sweden.

The find – considered the largest of its kind in more than 15 years – was reported on Swedish TV Monday, with sources telling Treatment: Hollywood that, depending on their condition, the Skargsards could be made available for film and TV work as soon as “early September.”

“Demand for Skarsgards is sky high at the moment, with prices having gone through the roof,” said one casting director. “Having another three on the market is really going to help ease the pressure.”

George Clooney to Play PwC Exec Brian Cullinan in ‘The Tweeting Accountant’

Brian-Cullinan-George-ClooneyFrom the biggest slip-up in Oscars history to a future best picture winner?

George Clooney has snapped up rights to upcoming book The Tweeting Accountant, set to detail the goings on behind the scenes at Sunday night’s Academy Awards when the biggest prize of them all was handed to La La Land instead of Moonlight.

Few details are available, but Clooney will produce and is set to star as Brian Cullinan, the PwC accountant who handed the fateful envelope to Warren Beatty shortly after infamously tweeting a picture of Emma Stone.

“Hollywood loves films about Hollywood and you don’t get more Hollywood than Hollywood’s biggest snafu of all time… this has best picture written all over it,” said a source.