‘Matrix’ Reboot to Be Spinoff Set Solely During Zion Rave Scene from ‘Matrix Reloaded’

Warner Bros have revealed that its much-discussed Matrix reboot, currently in development, will actually be a spin-off from the original science-fiction trilogy and set during one of its most loved scenes.

Writer Zak Penn told The Hollywood Beagle that the story for the as yet untitled project will exist solely during the huge dance party that takes place in the city of Zion during the second film, Matrix Reloaded.

“With its pulsating, tribal beats and deeply sexual movements, the Zion rave was the most talked about and widely adored elements of the entire Matrix series,” he said. “Viewers at the time said that it didn’t go on for long enough and that they wanted more, and now, by weaving an entire story into this hugely entertaining celebration of carnal rhythms, we’re finally going to give that to them.”

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