“Drunk, Deranged” Christopher Nolan Arrested Breaking into LA Cinema with ‘Tenet’ 70mm Print

Christopher Nolan has apologized to fans after being arrested in Los Angeles while attempting to break into the New Beverly Cinema and put on a public screening of his latest film, Tenet.

The film director appeared “drunk and deranged,” according to police reports, and was caught while smashing on the door of the theater with a 70mm print of the film. Speaking to TMZ, several bystanders said Nolan had been screaming obscenities, claiming he was “going to release the f**king film myself, right here, right now” and inviting people to his personal world premiere.

In a statement released by his publicist, Nolan said he was “deeply sorry” for the incident, which he blamed on an “adverse reaction to shellfish.”

“My comments were said during a moment of extreme stress and do not reflect my opinions of Warner Bros,” he added. “I have every confidence in my wonderful distribution partner’s abilities to ensure Tenet gets the very best worldwide release.”

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