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“Drunk, Deranged” Christopher Nolan Arrested Breaking into LA Cinema with ‘Tenet’ 70mm Print

Christopher Nolan has apologized to fans after being arrested in Los Angeles while attempting to break into the New Beverly Cinema and put on a public screening of his latest film, Tenet.

The film director appeared “drunk and deranged,” according to police reports, and was caught while smashing on the door of the theater with a 70mm print of the film. Speaking to TMZ, several bystanders said Nolan had been screaming obscenities, claiming he was “going to release the f**king film myself, right here, right now” and inviting people to his personal world premiere.

In a statement released by his publicist, Nolan said he was “deeply sorry” for the incident, which he blamed on an “adverse reaction to shellfish.”

“My comments were said during a moment of extreme stress and do not reflect my opinions of Warner Bros,” he added. “I have every confidence in my wonderful distribution partner’s abilities to ensure Tenet gets the very best worldwide release.”

Sony to Appease Anger over “Clean” Film Initiative By Offering R-Rated Edits of Family Titles

Sony Pictures has responded to a hail of criticism over its ‘Clean Version’ initiative that will offer sanitized editions of its films by giving online consumers the opportunity to download R-rated versions of its family-friendly library.

The ‘Give a Fuck’ plan, announced Wednesday, will see popular film franchises such as The Smurfs, Hotel Transylvania and Stuart Little re-edited to include “a shit load of swearing and lewd behaviour,” with many of the actors and voice talents brought back into the studio to record extra scenes.

According to Sony’s home entertainment group, the plan will launch with a few key titles and will see edits including Papa Smurf launching a “four-minute, four-letter tirade of obscenities” in a newly extended scene with Smurfette from recent release Smurfs: The Lost Village, and an additional 20-minutes added to Angry Birds: The Movie in which the key characters engage in a fight with the green pigs that involves “an inordinate amount of avian defecation and masturbation-based humour.”

‘Grace of Monaco 2’ to Open Cannes 2017

In a move that had been widely expected across the film industry, Grace of Monaco 2 has been unveiled as the curtain raiser for the Cannes Film Festival’s 2017 edition.

Festival director Thierry Fremaux made the announcement Thursday morning, adding that it had been “just four years since the original film brought the Croisette to a standstill.”

The sequel picks up from where 2014’s acclaimed Grace of Monaco left off, with Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly having successfully protected their proud city-state’s noble status as a tax haven from the clutches of a greedy Charles De Gaulle and now focussing on placing power with the Prince and a national council of eighteen elected members.

Fremaux described the film, which will compete in Cannes’ official competition, as a “stunning, edge-of-the-seat thriller,” adding that he was looking forward to warmly welcoming back director Oliver Dahan and stars Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth.

Disney Accused of Whitewashing Over ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Horse Philippe

Campaigners have called for the boycott of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast over its casting of a white horse to play the part of Belle’s trusty stead Philippe.

In the original animation, Philippe is a brown draft horse, whereas the latest live-action adaptation sees a white horse used instead, a decision that has seen thousands take to social media to air their disgust.

“This is Hollywood whitewashing at its very worst, on a par with Emma Stone in Aloha or Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell,” said one commentator. “No disrespect to the horse in question, but what chance do brown horses have when all their best roles are given to white counterparts?”

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ to Feature First Openly Gay Stormtrooper in Franchise

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to become the first film in the Star Wars franchise to feature an openly homosexual stormtrooper.

The news was revealed Monday by Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, who added that the filmmakers behind the hotly-anticipated film had been toying with the idea of including a gay character for some time.

“There’s a great deal of diversity in our universe so it makes perfect sense to add diversity to the Star Wars universe,” she said at a conference in Beijing. “For a while it was going to be an Ewok, but it didn’t really fit with the storyline.”

‘Matrix’ Reboot to Be Spinoff Set Solely During Zion Rave Scene from ‘Matrix Reloaded’

Warner Bros have revealed that its much-discussed Matrix reboot, currently in development, will actually be a spin-off from the original science-fiction trilogy and set during one of its most loved scenes.

Writer Zak Penn told The Hollywood Beagle that the story for the as yet untitled project will exist solely during the huge dance party that takes place in the city of Zion during the second film, Matrix Reloaded.

“With its pulsating, tribal beats and deeply sexual movements, the Zion rave was the most talked about and widely adored elements of the entire Matrix series,” he said. “Viewers at the time said that it didn’t go on for long enough and that they wanted more, and now, by weaving an entire story into this hugely entertaining celebration of carnal rhythms, we’re finally going to give that to them.”

China’s Alibaba Buying Controlling Stake in George Clooney

Chinese giant Alibaba is poised to purchase a majority stake in George Clooney.

The deal, which is being formerly announced on the second day of the Hong Kong Filmart, is believed to be worth in excess of $200 million, and see Jack Ma’s e-commerce conglomerate make a bold move into Hollywood.

“The stake became available earlier last week after a group of Indian investors pulled out, and Alibaba immediately seized the opportunity,” said a source.

Clooney is expected to be merged into Alibaba’s new studio Alibaba Pictures, with the source adding that there “should be minimal redundancies.”

THB has reached out to Clooney for comment.

IMDb Adopts JVDB Rating to Highlight Films Starring James Van Der Beek

JVDBThe Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has adopted the growing JVDB-rating, a classification system designed to highlight films and TV projects starring James Van Der Beek.

Since it was created two years ago, the JVDB-rating has been picked up by numerous film festivals and cinemas across the U.S. in a bid to showcase films featuring the former Dawson’s Creek star.

The move by IMDb now means that the website’s individual pages of Van Der Beek titles – including the likes of Varsity Blues, Standing Still, Final Draft and Formosa Betrayed – all come with the JVDB tag.

“It’s great that you can now use IMDb to browse shows and films starring James,” said Julie Welpsy, creator of the rating. “But I truly hope that we can soon reach a point where the JVDB-rating will become redundant as more stories we see on screen are told by and about James Van Der Beek.”